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Venmo uses 'cloud money' which reduces cash-awareness and increases impulse spending.

Aid organizations' frustrating donation processes leave us 'relived to be done' not ‘empowered to spread the word’.


Activate the power of Venmo to make the donation process quicker and more social for our mobile-first world.


Venmo Impact enables mobile-philanthropists to donate effortlessly and launch their own mini-fundraisers on social media; because the size and scope of your impact, is up to you.

the journey


After 2 cash-only years in the Peace Corps, I returned to the US and was introduced to Venmo. I quickly realized that it had changed the way we think about and spend money.

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During Trumps' 'travel ban' it took me 10 minutes, 7 clicks and 4 screens to donate to the International Rescue Committee, after which I said aloud "I wish I couldn't have Venmo'd that."

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Through surveys and secondary research I uncovered that when it comes to Venmo, we think about money a little differently. 

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I also spoke to young givers and picked up on a few pain points in the donation process:

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our people:

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our strategy:

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the product:

the campaign:

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my role

This was an individual passion project of mine, I completed research, crafted strategy, designed the product and created the campaign. 

The project was awarded the Harry Jacobs Scholarship Award at the Richmond Ad Show 2016.