the narrative brief

Since 1952 Sheetz has been dedicated to serving The Driver.

It’s why we keep our lights on. It’s why our bathrooms are so clean. It’s why we have awesomely delicious food made to order via touch screen so you can get tater-tot-filled tacos without talking to a human. It’s why we have more gas pumps than anyone else around, and why we’re open 24/7/365.

We’re obsessed with making sure The Driver is safe and happy.

However while our gas stations are true temples of pavement paradise, the road is still fraught with road rage, traffic jams and lane-switching stress.

So, in order to make sure The Driver is happy and safe both coming and going from Sheetz, we’ve set out to protect them from one of the most dangerous driving events of the year:


Daylight Savings Time.


“Wait, what?” you say, “Daylight Savings Time is dangerous?”

“Yes!”, we say, “super dangerous, like 2nd most dangerous day to be on the road dangerous, like 17% increase in traffic fatalities dangerous, like $2.75 billion in damages dangerous.”

Why? Because at 2am on the second Sunday in March we lose an hour. The clock maliciously skips from 1:59 am to 3:00 am, leaving drivers across the country tired and confused for the week ahead.


DST doesn’t just make The Drivers tired and the road more dangerous, it has all sorts of other terrible side effects, like: 25% increase in Monday heart attacks, a reported decrease in concentration and memory, an increase in depression, $434 million loss to the American economy and MILLIONS of late and apologetic people.

So, in 2018, and every year moving forward, Sheetz is committed to both protecting The Driver and ending this terrible life and time stealing monster.

It’s our job to Save Drivers, Not Daylight.

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Lynn Nakamura - Art Director

Russ Rizzo - Copywriter