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Guatemala’s public health-education initiative, Healthy Schools, hadn’t taken off 20 years after its launch.

THE obstacles

Lack of trust. Educational communities, wary of foreign programs, were unaware of its Guatemalan roots.

Lack of clarity. The 14 page framework, left educators unsure of their role in fulfilling the project's many objectives. 

Lack of consistency. Healthy Schools looked and sounded different across regions and government agencies.


Brand is a powerful force, especially in the developing world.

If Guatemalans stand proudly behind the Real Madrid seal and even paint the Coca-Cola logo on the side of their homes, why shouldn’t a public health initiative look to brand to build trust, clarify their purpose and communicate consistently?


In collaboration with 4 government agencies, we developed a logo, brand guide, manifesto, communications strategy, digital publication and series of educational events for Healthy Schools at the federal level.


Healthy Schools is now active in all of Guatemala’s 22 departments, where our work continues to support the program as it educates and empowers thousands of educators, parents and students. 


None of this would have been possible without incredibly passionate:

     - Guatemalan counterparts from the Ministry of Education, Health, Agriculture and Nutrition

     - Peace Corps staff, especially Stephanie Skillman and Liz Requena. 

     - Peace Corps volunteers, especially Emma Cannon.