Hi, I'm Cole.

I'm a fast-talking, back-flipping, a cappella singing, volcano climbing, coaster collecting, Peace Corps Volunteer, Tar Heel and former Hollywood dreamer; turned strategist.


But most importantly, I'm a lefty. 

And as any lefty will tell you, being a lefty means way more than your choice in hand: 

   - being a lefty means you learn to adjust. 

   - being a lefty means you see the empty space in front of each word you write. 

   - being a lefty means you're hyper-aware of others that do things a little differently. 


And I love being a lefty, because for me:

   - being a lefty made it ok to leave NC for LA and LA for rural Guatemala.

   - being a lefty gave me the confidence to speak and sing in front of thousands.

   - being a lefty allowed me to see that Peace Corps + Hollywood = Advertising. 


I'm Cole, and I'm a lefty.